Hi, and welcome to Stay ‘Tooned! This blog is all about political cartoons, caricatures, and memes. On this blog, I’m going to explore this overlap between comedy and politics. Why are political cartoons important? What makes them funny? Why do we spend time looking at them?

Before we get into all that, I want to introduce myself. My name is Cathy White, and I’ll be the captain of this ship.


I’m a double major in history and communication with a concentration in global journalism. (I bet the interest in political cartoons makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?) I’m a senior at Drexel University, and I’m making this blog to fulfill my communication senior project requirement. But don’t worry, it’s a lot of fun.

Here’s what you can expect from this blog: a pinch of research; a generous splash of analysis; and about twenty 16oz. cans of memes. This blog is  light-hearted but informative. It’s a black bean brownie for your soul. (Disclaimer: I’ve never tried black bean brownies, but I’ve heard this recipe is fantastic.)

If, at any point, you find yourself thinking “Wow, I really wish I could read an in-depth research paper about two particular political caricatures in history, William ‘Boss’ Tweed and Richard Nixon!”, I have great news for you — just shoot me an email and I can make that dream  a reality. That’s the great thing about being a double major: two senior projects for the price of one.

Without further ado, let’s get ‘tooning!

This blog is dedicated to all my Facebook friends who said that no election in the history of the United States has ever seen anything like the memes that were made for the 2016 presidential election. We’re about to find out.